Shipping & Returns

PLEASE NOTE: All products on this site are downloadable only (digital zip files), no physical products will be shipped to your home or shipping address.

Return Policy.

Due to the nature of our online site, and the products listed, we at Kitten Scraps have a strict NO RETURN policy for any downloadable product. Any refunds issued will be at the discretion of the store owner and entirely dependent on the circumstances of the transaction.

Download Reset Policy.

Each order is automatically available for download for a period of seven days, after which you must request reactivation of your downloads. It is highly recommended that you back up your purchases to external media such as cd/dvd disc as soon as you can.

To prevent abuse, we will limit the number of reactivations to three (3), and the time frame for reactivation to three (3) months, after which all reactivation requests will be denied.

Situations involving unfortunate events will be evaluated individually by the store owner.

Common Questions answered:

I didn't get my download links, now what do I do?
We want your shopping experience at Kitten Scraps to be a enjoyable one. Should you not receive your download links for whatever reason, please try the following:

1. Log into your account
2. Click on "My Account" in the top menubar of the shop
3. Click on the invoice for the date of your order and your download links should be there.

If you have paid by e-check your downloads will not be available until the e-check has cleared.
If you still cannot see your download links, please contact us so we can investigate why and fix it for you.

How do I open the files?
You will need an unzipping program like 7Zip to extract the zip files, you can use your operating system's inbuilt extractor or any other extraction program, 7Zip is an open source (free) program which will open a variety of archive formats including rar and zip.

When I try to unzip the file it tells me it's corrupted.
Corrupted zip files are 99% of the time caused by what is called packet loss during the download process.

This means that if your internet connection has even the slightest of hiccups during the download process, it will cause a millisecond disturbance to the data stream and your download will not be downloaded completely.

So even if you get 99.999999% of the file, it still will not work.

Try re-downloading the file again and if the problem persists, email me at or through our contact form as the file may have been corrupted during the upload process and the designer will need to re-upload the file.

Can I use a download accelerator/scheduler with your store?
I highly recommend DAP Download Accelerator to download your purchases if you have many...with DAP you can pause and resume as needed, I have come across no issues with using it for store purchases.

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