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Well the dentist yesterday was an experience.  I had my mouth frozen and was given laughing gas to do the first part of my work for my crown.  I did not laugh but felt very dizzy and nauseous when I left the office.  Had to go home and nap for a couple of hours before going to work.  Luckily for me my sinuses were clear though and I had no trouble breathing with my cold.  I did get a migraine in the afternoon but managed that with one of my injections which I’m proud to say I was able to give myself.  Yes, I’m a suck when it comes to needles even small ones-I just can’t get use to giving myself the shot.  I can handle it if someone else does it much better.

I’d love to see what you are doing with my papers.  I know many people get sick or go for holidays in the winter..also I notice Craft Crave has not picked up my feed yet even though I’ve submitted it.  (The few days they did pick it up was because I posted a link on my old blog) So for the month of January and February, if you miss a day where I’ve posted the free paper and were not able to get it, all you need to do is create a layout with either the paper you already have or using one of my kits and post it to a gallery where you credit me with the paper/kit  then e-mail me the link along with a note stating which day paper you would like to have.  Miss more than one day-then you need to do a different layout for each day you missed.

Enjoy today’s paper and I’ll be back tomorrow with the next page.


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New Freebie and New Items on Sale in Store

First thing I want to share with you today are two new template packs I have in the store this week.  I think they are just adorable.  Both packs are $5.00 but currently on sale for $4.00 for the next week.


Stuffed with Love can be found here


Puppy Love can be found here

I’m writing this Tuesday night and setting it to auto post as I’m not sure how I’ll feel tomorrow morning.  Who knows perhaps with the freezing and laughing gas I may just be okay.  On a good note my sinuses are finally clearing up so I may actually be able to breathe tomorrow as well.


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Tuesday Paper Freebie & CU Element Pack in Store

Oh my nose is so plugged up I am not looking forward to my dental appointment tomorrow.  Its bad enough I’m getting the first part of my crown done but not being able to breathe through my nose will only make it worse.  Wish me luck tomorrow as my appointment is at 8AM.

So I uploaded a CU Element Pack to the store last night. I created it using Kristi W’s New Years Eve Party Templates which you can also purchase in the store.


You can find them here in the store on sale until the 13th for 30% off the regular price of $1.95 and YES they are a CU Element Pack

In the meantime, please enjoy today’s freebie


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Monday Freebie and Lots of Snow

I don’t know what everyone woke up to this morning however here in North Bay, Ontario we woke up to LOTS of snow and an additional snowfall warning. Temperatures are currently -27 with the windchill but have been -35 early in the morning and overnight.  I couldn’t see my front walkway this morning  when I opened the door.  It was a blanket with windswept drifts… should be fun for my son and daughter to shovel out.  Lucky for all of us our neighbor has offered to do the driveway with the snow blower.

First of all today I’d like to share a layout that Lois B has done of her grandchildren.  I guess on New Years Day they enjoyed the outdoors despite the -30 temperatures.


I remember those days as a child, no matter how cold it got, I still wanted to go out and play and would come in only after I was absolutely frozen with fingers and toes so red from being cold.

So today’s freebie is our papers again, I’m so glad that everyone is liking them so much.  I really am anxious to see how they are used so feel free to email me your layouts or links to galleries where you have used my papers etc.


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