Monday Freebie and Lots of Snow

I don’t know what everyone woke up to this morning however here in North Bay, Ontario we woke up to LOTS of snow and an additional snowfall warning. Temperatures are currently -27 with the windchill but have been -35 early in the morning and overnight.  I couldn’t see my front walkway this morning  when I opened the door.  It was a blanket with windswept drifts… should be fun for my son and daughter to shovel out.  Lucky for all of us our neighbor has offered to do the driveway with the snow blower.

First of all today I’d like to share a layout that Lois B has done of her grandchildren.  I guess on New Years Day they enjoyed the outdoors despite the -30 temperatures.


I remember those days as a child, no matter how cold it got, I still wanted to go out and play and would come in only after I was absolutely frozen with fingers and toes so red from being cold.

So today’s freebie is our papers again, I’m so glad that everyone is liking them so much.  I really am anxious to see how they are used so feel free to email me your layouts or links to galleries where you have used my papers etc.


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New Freebie & Looking for Creative Team Members

A really quick post today as I have a million things to do today.  One of them is re-wash my floor after the holidays with the new Shark Steam Mop.  I absolutely love it and how well it works on my tile and hardwood floors.

Don’t forget I’m looking for a few Creative Team Members, I’ve had a few responses but if your interested please e-mail me at

Enjoy “Today’s” freebie


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Saturday Freebie & Facebook!

I’m working hard at getting the papers ready for the month of January and will be beginning the February papers perhaps this weekend depending on how I’m feeling.  I am feeling a tickle in my throat and I know Strep Throat is going around..but I refuse to get sick as I have a dental appointment on Wednesday I just can’t miss or be too sick to go to.  I have to get a crown!  Yuck is right.

I’m reminding everyone to check out my Facebook page and click “Like” as your way of supporting my blog and the freebie’s I’m sharing.  If I get enough like’s… I may work on getting a fan freebie done that much faster.  While your there feel free to check out my Album’s for preview’s  of some of my kits, layouts or upcoming freebies.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy today’s papers and I’ll see you all again tomorrow.  If you haven’t downloaded the previous day’s papers, I recommend you do so quickly as the links will be expiring shortly.


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Freebie—and Yes I REALLY Am!

Carla asked if I really was going to post papers every day this year with the date on them… well simply put YES I AM!  If you have already downloaded January 1 & 2 please re-download them as I tweaked them just a little.  Most of you may not notice but I try to be a perfectionist at things and this idea came to me New Years Eve of offering these papers so it was a bit of a rush job getting them ready and preparing my paper maker file to do so.

For those of you that followed my blog before, I was offering HUGE kits as freebies, I won’t be doing that this time but will be completing my “This Year” series of Kits and posting them to the store monthly.  I have a few blog trains I’ll be participating in as well and I hope to offer some CU Freebies as well so I hope you enjoy the journey this year on my blog.

Here is today’s paper,


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