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Designer Tip, Newsletter & Flash Card Friday Freebie

So—repackaging my ClipArt & Doodles takes a very very long time.  I’m also trying to finish up another kit and create more DigiStamps & ClipArt  AND work all at the same time.  I have to admit that my day job this week is very slow-and since I work from home this week has been dedicated to my Blog/Store.  Since I’ve been busy repackaging over 800 or so products I thought I’d share a shortcut as a designer I discovered a very long time ago which has helped me Shortcut

This is a picture of two of my products I’ve created for the store.  First is the folder with the product-Next is my designer preview in .jpeg format but the third image is a .png of the product and this image has a transparent background.   When I create my previews I save the Element portion of the preview I’ve created as a .png and do the same with the Paper Pack Previews.    I use this for everything I create-that way I can simply take that file and quickly create a new preview for another store or layer the products together like I do for my ABC Kits.  Element packs and papers are saved on two separate layers and then combined or separated as needed.

Now, if you haven’t signed up for my newsletter I wanted to show you what you have been missing.  These freebies are a few items from past recent Newsletters.KS_ABC_Girl_Freebie_F1 KS_ABC_Boy_Freebie_G1KS_ABC_Girl_Freebie_H1KS_ABC_Boy_Freebie_I1

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New In Store & Daily Paper Freebie

So not only are my new November Kits up in the store the designer’s have been busy gearing up for Christmas.  Here are just a few of the new things in the store… I think the Baby Polar Bear is so adorable, don’t you?

sbad_reindeer7_preview2 b4e37c19ae35b0326008f7a0e4e5dcbe.image.600x600 BGD_Preview_PU_Sunshine CSC_Cool_Yule_previews_1 sbad_babypolarbear1_preview2p4dsd_ChristmasCandleTemplatePreview kw_holidaypenguins_temps kw_mmlc_temps KS_TY_Boy_Kit_Novembersbad_fairychristmas_set3_preview2


It’s -14 C (6.7F) with the windchill here this morning but I’m thankful for my new winter boots this morning.  I’d been using my fall riding boots and they have absolutely no traction which was terrible on the sidewalks.  I’m going to have to knit myself some mittens this weekend, gloves won’t keep me warm in this weather.  Enjoy the daily paper freebie, I’ll be back tomorrow with another.


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November Kits & Daily Paper Freebie

So… the November Kits are done and I’m in the process of adding them to the store today during my slow time at the office. This months theme is Thanksgiving and Baking/Preserving.  Growing up, fall was always the time of year we would harvest the last of the garden vegetables and my grandparents would head south to the orchards to pick fruit.  If we were lucky enough they would bring one of us along (and miss a day of school perhaps) to pick cherries, apples etc.  Grandma, Aunt Lois and Mom would spend the next few days peeling, cooking and preserving.  Living so far north though, most of this would happen in September/October but I thought with American Thanksgiving being in November-this theme would fit nicely for this month.  Here are the Element Previews for each kit along with a sample of what the Alphabet looks like this month (Construction Paper & Burlap)

KS_TY_Boy_EP_NovemberKS_TY_Girl_EP_November KS_TY_Neutral_EP_November KS_TY_Boy_AP_Nov

If the kits are not in the store yet when you go there… be patient… I’m working on uploading them as fast as I can.  It’s a time consuming process uploading the kits and linking them to the correct categories.  I’ll have a freebie for you based on the November kits later this week along with a little challenge… hope you are all up for it.  In the meantime, enjoy the daily paper freebie and I’ll be back tomorrow as always.


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Snowing & Daily Paper Freebie

It’s snowing again.  That beautiful white fluffy snow that just covers everything and makes your street look so pristine.  I just love it but hate the fact it’s only the middle of November and we have another five months of this.  Today, I’m working on my November Kits and should have them in the store for tomorrow.  This month’s theme is Fall Harvest and Thanksgiving.  Growing up on a farm we did the last of the canning and freezing of things from the garden, we also started our Christmas Baking and put it in the freezer as with three brother’s baking tended to disappear quickly.

Enjoy the daily paper freebie and I’ll be back tomorrow with the preview’s of the new kits in store.  BTW, a big thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my posts and comment.  There are a few of you who do so regularly and for that, thank you.  Makes all my work seem worthwhile.


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