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Columbus Day Paper Freebie

Sorry this is late being posted today.  As I was informed Columbus Day was yesterday in the US and there was a request for this paper so I hope you enjoy it.


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Independance Day Freebie, Sale & Happy Birthday Mom

Just wanted to let everyone know there are some sales going on in the store.

Kristi W. Designs 35% off

KittenScraps 40% off

KittenScraps-Artwork by Kristi W.  40% off

Josy Carson All Products $1.00

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I also want to say Happy Birthday to my Mom today and a Happy 4th of July to all my American Friends.  Hope everyone is going to enjoy a fun filled day with friends and BBQ’s.  We are having our annual Pool Party today and have friends coming over for a BBQ and drinks.  We did our fireworks on July 1st, the whole neighbourhood pitched in so it has been an eventful week here.  Enjoy your holiday and I’ll be back Monday as I’m slowly getting back to my computer.  Yay!!!!!


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Canada Day Freebie

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful Canada Day and those of you who have a long weekend coming up-I hope your enjoying it with family and friends.  Here tonight our street is getting together and doing fireworks later this evening.  I’ve made a cheescake and one of the neighbours is BBQing and everyone else is bringing something, so it should be fun.  It’s been cool here today so I hope it all goes off without a hitch.

Enjoy your Canada Day papers, I’ve been spending a little bit of time each day working on my new kit.  Hope to have it done by next week for everyone.  I’ve really missed designing and posting freebies for you guys.


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Father’s Day Paper Freebie

I guess this is better late than never.  I appologize for this being posted so late today.  If you have been following me and reading the blog, I had my last day of my office job on June 1, three weeks ago Monday.  Tuesday started as planned-sort of.  I went to Twiggs our local coffee shop with Darren at 8am.  I sat and enjoyed my coffee before  I trekked uphill home for the 4.4Km planned walk.  I got sidetracked-ended up at Micheals Arts and Crafts but then did make it home.  Since it was the weekend after my parents Anniversary Party-I did housework all day and laundry.  Anyway-make a long story short, I walked every day that week…YA!!!! Sunday I went to Toronto with Darren and we ended up in a fender bender on the Hwy.  We were rear ended so hard my sun glasses went flying.  Since then I haven’t been able to sit at my computer for long and have been waking up feeling like I’ve been hit up side the back of the head with a baseball bat.  Only way to avoid that has been to sleep in the recliner in the living room but I don’t sleep very well there so its been a toss up-sleep in bed and wake up feeling so sore or don’t sleep and don’t wake up in so much pain.  LOL  I’ve also been busy with my family.  My parents have had an elderly cousin live with them for the past six years.  Unfortunately she ended up in the hospital the two weeks ago Monday.  Since they lived an hour away, my mother stayed with my kids who live closer to the hospital and I’ve had family come and go during the past two weeks to see her.  Bet passed away peacefully on Friday morning in her 84th year.  Our family is very blessed in that she passed away quickly surrounded by family and our local hospital allowed her puppy to spend a couple of days with her in the hospital.  Since then I’ve been exhausted and I actually slept all day today.  Can’t seem to sit still for long anywhere-so forgive the lateness of the paper and I hope to be back at my desk tomorrow with new Kristi W templates and some clip art as well.  New kit to be released soon!


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