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Remembrance Day Freebie & Daily Paper Freebie

I’ve been wanting to add this freebie to the forum for awhile now but thought today would be the perfect day to do so.  I created this years ago as my son had just joined the military and my ex was oversea’s at the time.  You can find this in the forum as a freebie for registered members-if your not a member you will not be able to see the freebies at all.  (Membership is free)


Elements are in 2 zip files here-ExpiredKS_SOT_PaperPreview

Get the papers here-Expired

Hope you enjoy the above freebie.  Yes, I’m aware it has my old blog address on it but if you were to go there it would tell you to come here for more freebies so it’s all good.  I hope everyone has a wonderful day and takes a moment to remember those who have fought for their country.


Sorry Link Expired

PS.  Darren had to get the snow-blower out last night to clear the driveway as we did get more snow during the day yesterday.  Today’s forecast is a high of 5 and rain (maybe).

MyMemories, In Store & Your Daily Freebie

I’m the daily designer today at MyMemories and I have all my products there on sale for 40% off.  I had to create a layout telling people a little about myself and this is what I came up with.


Twiggs is a coffee house that was started here in North Bay-if you enjoy coffee-you would LOVE this place.  Fair Trade, organic coffee freshly roasted on site daily….hmmm.  (I’m a little biased-my daughter Alexandra has worked there since 15 and is now the manager)  Darren & I are both Sci-Fi Fans and BOTH enjoy Star Trek, Monty Python and the like.  My dog Bullet is a pit bull I inherited when her owners were posted to an embassy in Hong Kong and could not take her with them.  She is 12 and the sweetest, most sucky dog you would ever meet.  My Mac… I was a PC girl until Darren bought me a Mac for Xmas.  I’ll never buy a PC again…that’s all I can say about that.  For the record I’m less than 9 years younger than Darren.  He has had white hair since he was in his 20’s and I’m not really as young as I look 🙁   -Tanya my oldest is 26…so you do the math.

Enough about me, the ladies in the store have been busy, here are a few of their  new products.  Here are just a few

sbad_fairywindownmushrooms1_preview2 BGD_Preview_PU_Army CSC_All_that_jazz_QP_preview DDDback2schoolPkgLOBundle600 KW_ItsPositive-Tempsc KW_KS_PTS-Navy-TempsE p4dsd_FerriswheelScriptPreviewplay_sand_thumbAs always, here is your daily paper freebie and I’ll be back tomorrow with another.  Enjoy your day!


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Blog Hop Freebies & Daily Paper Freebie

I just wanted to make a quick comment regarding the lights freebie in the store.  You do not need to add the item to the cart to get the freebie.  If you read the product description, it gives you a link to download it directly.KS_JC_LightsPart of the Christmas in July Blog Hop.  You may add the product to your cart however there is a direct download link in the product description.

I hope everyone enjoy’s the Christmas in July Blog Hop.  All the links can be found below in yesterday’s blog posting and as you follow the Hop the designers have listed the roll as well.  Please enjoy today’s daily paper freebie.  I’m off to a wedding this morning but will be back between the ceremony and reception checking on things.


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Lots of Freebies Today

It’s Christmas In July at KittenScraps & Friends Store.   There are a number of mini kits  the girls have made and we have a few store freebies as well.


KS_XmasJulyColour  preview.jpg-600-x600KS_XmasJuly KS_XmasJulyGlittersKS_XmasJulyPlasticGlass

The lists where you can grab each of these freebies can be found below with my portion of my blog hop.  I hope you enjoy each of the kits and CU Freebies.  The store has lots of sales, and a Free with any $3.00 purchase set of Clip Art from Kristi W.


Anyway, I hope you enjoy our first Blog Hop and don’t forget to download today’s daily paper freebie and enjoy the sales and specials in the store.


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