New In Store & Daily Paper Freebie

So not only are my new November Kits up in the store the designer’s have been busy gearing up for Christmas.  Here are just a few of the new things in the store… I think the Baby Polar Bear is so adorable, don’t you?

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It’s -14 C (6.7F) with the windchill here this morning but I’m thankful for my new winter boots this morning.  I’d been using my fall riding boots and they have absolutely no traction which was terrible on the sidewalks.  I’m going to have to knit myself some mittens this weekend, gloves won’t keep me warm in this weather.  Enjoy the daily paper freebie, I’ll be back tomorrow with another.


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2 thoughts on “New In Store & Daily Paper Freebie

  1. love all the new items, just not ready for Christmas yet – LOL! Hope you stay warm – so crazy how cold it is already! thanks for todays awesome daily paper!

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